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Piano Lessons

Are you interested in piano lessons but intimidated by even the idea of them?
Would you like to overcome those fears and learn how to play or polish your skills?
You are at the right place!
Regardless of your age, experience and knowledge you are welcome to sign up for piano lessons for a fun experience!
These piano lessons do not only aim for an enjoyable musical journey, but also creating healthy and happy environments as well as healthy individuals. Each student receives basic knowledge of their bodies throughout lessons, learns to incorporate them in every day life and discover beyond their known physical and musical limits.
Everybody is different, and I recognize that. Every piano lesson in this studio is tailored to fit each individual and their goals. If you are ready to discover your piano lessons and start your musical journey, I am here for you.

Group lessons are encouraged with families more than one child.
Lessons are offered in two different locations: Whitsett, NC and Greensboro, NC.
Please contact me for details.